212 Snoaching

Elf and Cat* snoaching – stalking without a purpose

Welcome to the snoaching page! The snoaching has begun. Snoaching Cat has unleashed the Snoaching Elf on the world and the results are starting to come in! Thanks for all of your contributions!

(Click pictures for a better look)

Sunday, November 24th

WP_20131124_004 V__50AB V__612B 1124130841
V__F082 V__FF14 V__A31E

Monday, November 25th

WP_20131118_010 V__4BBD V__96D4V__E742 V__6A0C V__E34D V__7567 V__8B67 V__F508 V__DA5B V__FDBB V__C70B

Tuesday, November 26th

V__C3BA V__5D12 V__34BB V__2652 V__307E V__5533 V__B116 V__0F2F

Video from the frozen tundra!

Wednesday, November 27th

V__2207 WP_20131127_009 V__2CF0 V__FD54 V__203B V__BB1E V__246D WP_20131127_010

Thursday, November 28th – Happy Thanksgiving!!!

V__D00F V__4E9B WP_20131128_002 V__9972 WP_20131128_005

Friday, November 29th

V__0804 V__32CF V__7C3A V__8615 WP_20131128_006

Saturday, November 30th

V__8D53 V__25C0 V__5214 V__5632


Sunday, December 1st

WP_20131118_002 V__736D

Monday, December 2nd


Tuesday, December 3rd

V__DA33 WP_20131118_017 V__4EB5 V__4968 WP_20131118_012

Wednesday, December 4th

WP_20131118_004 V__A7D5 V__7FDF V__8CAE

Thursday, December 5th

V__01BC V__B8E4 V__D3E2 V__FCA3 WP_20131201_002

Friday, December 6th

WP_20131206_002 WP_20131206_028

Saturday, December 7th

WP_20131118_009 V__9B6F V__0BE6

Sunday, December 8th

WP_20131208_001 V__F1AB V__B986 V__B610 V__0408 V__6BA0 V__4E08 V__3B20 V__2E3A V__1A98

Monday, December 9th

V__9425 V__E670 WP_20131118_019

Tuesday, December 10th

V__03FA V__8D08 V__BA27

Wednesday, December 11th

V__9522 V__20C1 V__6405 V__5E82 V__175A V__E936 V__D91C V__5737 V__789A V__2C20 V__F823

Thursday, December 12th

WP_20131212_001 V__2577

Friday, December 13th


Saturday, December 14th

WP_20131213_004 V__C8A6

Sunday, December 15th

V__9C84 WP_20131215_001

Monday, December 16th

WP_20131215_007 V__F5E2 V__D324

Tuesday, December 17th

WP_20131216_001 V__12FB V__9ECF

Wednesday, December 18th


Thursday, December 19th


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