Happy Valentine’s Day

Mom with AK

Before shooting, Mom declared they were both bad guys – no hostage here!

This Valentines Day, all of the cool people took their woman to shoot machine guns!

I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to shoot the exact guns promised, but it was still really fun. Mom tore it up with the Colt Commando, the MP5 (Which she had to shoot right handed to see through the target finder – she’s right eye dominant. Who knew?), and we of course added the AK47 (The only Communist thing I’ve ever willingly done) 🙂

We were supposed to get to shoot a tactical shot gun (we ended up with a standard one which killed Mom’s shoulder) with just a pistol grip, and a fully automatic Glock 17 – which we didn’t get to shoot. There had to be something hosed with that Glock ‘cuz my shots were NO WHERE near where I was aiming.

Watch Mom turn the AK47 against the terrorists in the video below!

Check back in a couple of days for more pics and videos to be added to this post.



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