I have been barraged lately …

I have been seeking a change for years. My woman and I have wanted to create our own school for as long as I can remember. One major thing has stood in our way: Fear.

Now I’m not going to say some of the excuses we’ve had are invalid, but, in the end, they were/are excuses. When you are afraid to do something, you make up excuses.

Over the last few weeks, I feel like some of my prayers have been answered. The Lord has told me time and again to just do it. He reminded me about Jacob 2:19 (Read the post for more thoughts on it). I was asked to talk in Church and He inspired me to talk about how we need to serve Him by building Zion (A copy of my talk).

Then, as my thoughts as to how I should proceed began to form in my mind, He started bombarding me with inspiration from some of my favorite talk show people. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, David Barton and even Mark Levin all gave monologues about doing what you were born to do (or at least inspiring me in that direction). I need to find out what it is that I can do better than others and just do it.

Glenn is still beating me over the head to keep going. This is just the latest. I’m sure everyone will hear slightly different things, based on what they need to hear, but to me it’s as clear as day.

One of the most important things you can do to overcome some of your fears, and to kick start your efforts is to make it publicly known what your intentions are. At least that can help give you a fear of shame if you don’t press forward. Anyway … I just have to go for it. I’ve put it off for decades (literally), luckily I think the time is still right. I have to do what I can to enlighten who I can, encourage who I can, free the captive minds that I can, provide a better life for my woman and do my part in building Zion. To start with (and maybe to end with) we will focus on home school. Let’s see where it goes!


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