Look for some changes!

It’s time for Version 3.0 of the this blog. Most of the pages will not see any more updates.

Version 1 was on Blogger and it was pretty good, but Google is evil, so I moved it.

Version 2 had a slow start, and has gone in spurts. It has had a little problem defining itself, and living up to its potential. I hate to think of the number of hours that went into the design and maintenance of Version 1.1 & 2.0 and 2.1 and 2.2 (They took weeks to get setup before they went live – this blog is actually 12 separate websites tied together to try to make them appear to be one), but in the end it still isn’t right.

My intentions/vision for the site has not been a clear as I would have liked.

Here is what I think I was trying to do.

1) I wanted the main page to have personal and fun posts that people who know me might be interested in. unfortunately for me my life is really boring so, I don’t have many of those kinds of posts. I thought I had a few pretty fun ones, but I don’t know how you all felt. Know that we are mostly living apart from each other and I’ve been dealing with a very lonely existence for the past year and a half, but I know some of you have been too. I wanted this to be a place were I could tell you about what I’m doing and thinking about and hopefully get a little input from you. [As a side note – I know I’m competing with the EVIL that is facebook. I’ve even tried to bribe you into at least looking at my blog. But then again I don’t see much action from you on facebook either. I guess Little Red mostly lives on there to chat and be advertised to.]

2) I also wanted my blog to be a place where I could help you keep up on current events that might be of interest without having to sift through a bunch of other crap. That was the intent of the News section of the blog, but I also wanted to highlight some of the more important stories on the main blog as well. Unfortunately the News blog has become all I have been able to make time for, and I’m not sure it’s worth my efforts. If you are a faithful reader of it and really want me to continue it – let me know… otherwise it will quite likely be a casualty of Version 3.0

3) I kept going back and forth as to how much of the story to tell on my site, how much to leave for you to read for yourself in the links. In the end this has never been solved.

4) The Book Blog and the Music blog are supposed to be my fun spots to talk about stuff I like and hopefully help you to be a little be interested (at least in the books). They exist mainly for my fun – and thus have gotten FAR less attention than I had hoped. I plan on keeping these in some form in Version 3.0.

5) The Science blog was originally created because of the crap Keek was being taught, and of course my status as a “Global Warming Denier.” I spend days and days working on a Page on Evolution which I still haven’t finished – something similar to the Global Warming Page (which I published in its unfinished form). I wanted it to be a place where a few subjects could be debunked, and the truth be told. Science must not have a political agenda, unfortunately much of it does today. Look for this page to be revamped. Something along these lines will live on in Version 3.0, but I don’t know exactly how.

6) The Tech blog was kind of created … because I figured it was expected from me – given my line of work. But it really hasn’t caught my interest. There are a couple of fun stories, but it will definitely be a casualty of Version 3.0

7) The Communism, Economics and Education blogs were intended to be more like the way I intended the Science blog. I intended them to be a lot more informational and a lot less about current events. Sometimes I would want a current event to be a springboard for a deeper topic – but this hasn’t developed in the way I wanted. I am passionate about education – and our children are under attack, but I don’t know if talking about the problems is where I want to go.These pages might end up on an extended hiatus, but will probably have a fate similar to the Science blog. Revamped, but I’m not yet sure how.

8) The Faith and Liberty blogs have been a huge disappointment to me. The faith blog has had a few good elements. I wanted to post my thoughts and feeling about Conference while they were fresh – but I haven’t posted about many topics I’ve wanted to to discuss. This has been a casualty of time and priorities. The Liberty blog has been worse. These Blogs must live on. They must be fixed and see some attention.

9) The Middle East blog has been a disaster. There is so much going on that we really should pay attention to, but Obama is destroying our country so fast – it’s hard to keep up with more than that. The Socialists and Jihadis are on the march all over the globe, and it’s just impossible to keep up. I originally hoped to build on this and have sites on Asia to keep tabs on China and North Korea, but also to talk about other trends from East and Southeast Asia. This will be an unfortunate casualty of Version 3.0.

So … Version 3.0 is now in the planning stage, so I would like your input. What would you like to see? Is there anything you wish there was more of?

I’ve told you of some of the changes – do you agree with these? Am I on the right track?

What can I do to make this blog more useful? Please be honest – If things are stupid or a waste of time [yours and mine]  I should get rid of them.

Do you hate the side menus? I know The 212 Mom doesn’t like having to click separate pages to look for new stories off of the main page… Would it be better to have everything on one page and categorized – or make a section with links to new stories on the other pages? Other ideas?

I’ve set a couple of you up to be authors on the page, so you can add to the content and hopefully make it more relevant to the family. Is this a good idea?

How often to you check it? Be honest. If you check it once every 6 months – do you only look at the front page or do you go through the archives?

I probably don’t have to worry about getting hit with copyright infringement issue for posting pictures without permission, but I’ve been avoiding it. Do pictures make it more attractive to you?

Anyway – please post some comments here, and maybe that will help other post comments as well. Then we can have a fun discussion – I’m just sayin’!!!

So you know, I try to follow your blogs faithfully, since most of you don’t text email or call me with what you are doing, but only one of you has a  very active site [I LOVE that site – except the navigation needs some help – and the numbers on the Wins, Loses (not Losses) and Draws are suddenly inaccurate]. On all of your blogs, I go back and re-read old posts again and again – just for fun!

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2 Responses to Look for some changes!

  1. teamsuzuki12 says:

    i’m with ma hen about clicking on all the side menus–bad idea. I suppose if the main page was more of a navigation (liberty and middle east have recent posts), that might make it more enticing to click. I honestly don’t click the other sites, just read the main site.
    so in terms of keeping the blogs you like, but making it better to click on, I would suggest a horizontal top menu. and having the menu items drop down for more specifics would make it even more lovely. basically what i’m saying is get a top menu like my current blog. hurry and check it out! I’m planning on doing a clean sweep here. I can’t handle my theme.

  2. chubbabunna says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look!!!