I haven’t been commenting on the news much lately, but this just burns me up.

The Post Office has a new “Holiday” Stamps set – Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and a gingerbread house (unlabeled). They can’t even put the word Christmas on a postage stamp?!?! What the heck.

Kwanzaa isn’t even a holiday. It’s a made up black power / black separatist celebration of not being white. Last I saw only about 1% of blacks even fall for that crap. It only started a couple of months before I was born. Stupid!

When will our country ever become sane again???

Yes, a fence does work

At least Israel doesn’t listen Janet Napolitano or any of the other pro-illegal alien supporters. You might not remember this, but back when the border fence debate was going strong, one of the anti-fence people’s stupidest arguments was that if you built 100ft fence they will just use 101 ft ladders. Anyway, Israel just went ahead and built a 16ft fence and look at the results in the story. Awesome.

Even someone in California understands what is going on

I bash California. Often.

But there are a few people in California who get it, and are willing to speak up.

This is great and exactly on point. This whole Obamacare / Debt Limit / Continuing Resolution debate has far more implications than people realize.

I know this belongs on the Liberty Blog, but I’ve put it here to hopefully get everyone to watch!

Bush might have started the war in Afghanistan …

In case you haven’t heard me go on a rant about this before (or other wise heard this), 73% of the casualties in Afghanistan have come under Obama’s “leadership.”

Look at the numbers:

Total U.S. Combat Deaths in Afghanistan

2001: 5       (First troops in Afghanistan in October)
2002: 30
2003: 31
2004: 49
2005: 94
2006: 87
2007: 111
2008: 151

2009: 303     Obama regime takes over
2010: 497
2011: 494
2012: 294
2013: 91 (From Jan. 1, 2013 to Sept. 10, 2013)

Obama wants us to support Al Qaeda?

Obama is a treasonous idiot! Yes, I mean TREASONOUS!

Watch Glenn Beck talk about it –

Better yet, if you are one of the people I bought a Blaze subscription for – watch it on http://theblaze.com/tv – NOW!

Here is Rand Paul’s response – much better than Obama’s spewing.


If you were lame and lost the login info, ask me and I’ll resend it – no questions asked!

Kind of funny …

So, one day a week or so ago, I thought of some fun little thing I was going to say when someone asked me how my day went, but I never got a chance.

Then I thought, well, I’ll save it and just say it the next time.

Now, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say.

Especially since the last couple days were really crappy.