A Snoaching Photo Essay

My Snoaching Elf has been begging me to go on a field trip. He was really excited when I agreed he could come to work with me today. Then he begged me to have his own post, with multiple pictures, so here we go:

WP_20131206_001 WP_20131206_002 WP_20131206_003 WP_20131206_004 WP_20131206_005 WP_20131206_007 WP_20131206_009 WP_20131206_010 WP_20131206_014 WP_20131206_038 WP_20131206_016 WP_20131206_017 WP_20131206_035 WP_20131206_028



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One Response to A Snoaching Photo Essay

  1. Katrina says:

    Looks like you two have become great friends! Can’t wait to see you!