Flooding Cruces

As you know, we do live in a desert, but this year has seen way more rain than normal. Wednesday, the street running up into our neighborhood was literally running like a river – all the way across. (Sorry no pictures – it was hazardous driving) but I thought I’d share a couple little fun things from out house. For those of you who don’t know, our house is at the top of the hill, so the water all runs away from us, so we have little chance of flooding, yet …

Here is the little “pond’ in our front yard landscaping:

WP_20130912_001To me this picture is a little hard to see in 3D (and see the depth) but it gives you an idea.

You also need to remember we live in sand, and the sand sucks up a lot of water before it pools on top.


So here it is when I got home Wednesday (and the level had already dropped):


Our pond became real pond!





And here is the hole to China the Heiners were digging:







Of course the runoff of sand from along side our porch partially helped fill it in…







Hopefully this doesn’t mean we are in for a really wet winter.

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One Response to Flooding Cruces

  1. tiff says:

    that’s crazy. thanks for the pictures