So much happens during a short little vacation …

I’m going to help you catch up here – to the best of my ability (I’m still SO tired).

Check back Tuesday and Wednesday for more updates as they come.

Obama didn’t invent spying on us (good summary), he’s just embraced it like never before.

The German government even compared Obama’s domestic spying to The old East German version of the KGB.

Why is Obamacare increasing the cost of medical insurance? Remember they are forcing you to buy it (or you are criminal – think about that…).

The Obama Regime is also now supporting giving abortion pills to girls of ALL ages. Idiots!

Speaking of abortion – A little more on Gosnell.

Another new scandal – government workers and insider trading. As well as prostitution and drugs.

BTW – The Obama Regime has said the military shouldn’t be allowed to read about the scandals?

Scotland is trying to force someone other than a parent to be allowed to have a say in raising your children. As always it’s to protect the children. In reality, it’s insane!

Another reason why California governments are all in huge financial trouble. Freakin’ unions and government employees.

Just an interesting tidbit – They are burning witches in New Guinea.

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