What a great day!

I had a really hard beginning of this week. I was really depressed Tuesday and Wednesday, but Heavenly Father has really intervened on my behalf the last few days. Thursday was great! It started out with breakfast being delicious and satisfying. That might not seem like that big of a deal to some, but it made a world of difference after a few days of crap.  Then a project that had about killed me Wednesday was fixed within 20 minutes on Thursday morning. From there, things just got better.

Friday I installed the new speakers in my car. It was easy and went tremendously smoothly. It seems like my projects never go smoothly, so I was SO thankful to the Lord for blessing me that way! I really needed it.

Today has been great! Conference rocked! The weather is great, my windows are open in my apartment, and it’s wonderful. I’ve already accomplished my cleaning goals for the day and can work on my blog. WOW! what a great day (or 3 actually!) Could I even sneak in a nap? Hmmm…

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