Dang you Glenn Beck!

The other day, one of my close relatives (One I dearly love!) accused me! My loved one accused me of changing my opinion of things and riding the tidal wave of opinions of some of my favorite talk show people. But I’m here to say that while I do get some great insights from Rush and Glenn Beck, the thing that has always attracted me to them was that they agree with me. I enjoy seeing how they, as people who agree with me, react to the events in our society.

I admit, Rush Limbaugh encouraged me to run for public office in 1994 and 1996. He also talked me into not abandoning the Republican Party in 1991. But even that is a complicated issue. I have realized since probably the mid 80’s (While in high school) that the framers of the Constitution basically locked us into a two-party system, despite what some people think. The Electoral system we have could be disastrous with three legitimate candidates and Congress would choose the President (Some people believe this was their intention – that Congress would always select the President). I believed it was time to get a new second party, not a third party.

Well, Rush talked me into working within the Republican Party to try to make them change. I became a Republican activist, but I truly was libertarian at heart. In fact, after my depressing loss in 1994, One thing that kept me going was the thought that we were actually on the verge of a new two-party system with the parties being the Republicans and the Libertarians. If you remember, in 1994 Clinton and the Democrats lost the House for the first time in decades because of the gun bans and their attempt to take over healthcare (HilaryCare). I was so excited.

In my 1996 campaign I got the Libertarian who was running against me to actually help out with my campaign (although, he wouldn’t take his name off the ballot because his allegiance to the building the party and keeping candidates on as many ballots was essential to that) and give me a contribution.

Anyway the point of all this history boils down to this, I was accused of not being libertarian in my philosophy by my loved one.  I was crushed. So I started looking through my archives of earlier writings to try to find a date to where I had actually expressed my feelings that the Republicans were not the party of the future. Well, there is fair and bad news on that front.

The thing is – When I started writing my book (See my book site to read the 2010 Version of the book – and look for an updated version pretty soon) I wasn’t very concerned with versioning. So the oldest versions of my book come from the last time I saved a chapter before (or when) I converted my book from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word in 1996 or so. I do have a few notes that date back to 1991 but I can’t prove I was talking about the Republicans getting kicked out and replaced with a better party earlier than July of 1995, and I have to admit I still argued that the Libertarians were wrong on some things because they weren’t calling for enough accountability in January of 1996. But, in my defense, that’s still why I’ve never become a Libertarian (as opposed to a libertarian – which I still argue I am).

The exact accusation was that I was only saying I was libertarian because Glenn Beck says he is, but, my 2008 version (the next available wave of dates after my 1996-1997 revisions) I did articulate my current view of Libertarians, and I didn’t know who Glenn Beck was until January 2009 when he moved from Headline News to Fox! Now the truth is, I can’t tell you an exact time I came to my current philosophy between 1996 and 2008 by looking through old documents, but it was not because of Glenn Beck.

If you’ve made it this deep into this post I’m sure you are wondering why I titled it the way I did. You are about to be rewarded! The truth of the matter is, I’ve said that phrase many times, and usually it has to do with my book. Time and again, Glenn Beck comes to a realization that I have already covered in my book, and it just makes me so mad. He starts talking about it and people pay attention to it like it’s a new idea – when I wrote about it in my book years ago! I have tried off and on for over 4 years to get my book published (I made the hardest push in 2010 – trying to pitch my book to every agent I could find an email address for on the Internet), and time and again the things I forecasted that the Liberals/Progressives would do have already come to pass. It’s just really frustrating.

Well it happened again on Glenn’s Thursday March 28th show. Now he admits he’s just thinking out load, and his idea is not exactly like mine, but it’s actually pretty close in overall concept. (If you have a Blaze TV subscription you can check it out – oh wait if you are in my family you do have one!)

I frequently wonder why I’ve never been able to get a deal for my book (Where maybe I could get a great editor to work with to polish it). It’s crazy since I’m related to an up and coming editor who I can’t get to read my book – anyway that’s another sore spot.

Well, I am in the midst of revamping the book again. The 2013 version will remove the clever idea of the world turned upside town I developed in the 2008 version, but will keep the week-long episode/days instead of chapters concept developed in the 2010 version. It might also have to take out a number of the things I predicted for the future because they have already come to pass and people will think I’m just re-hashing old ideas (That sucks!)Maybe I’ll push for publication again when I finish. I have started the sequel already, but haven’t worked on it for over 2 years, but I’d really like to. Maybe self publishing is the answer… 🙂

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