Sometimes you just have to brag …

Sometimes people think they have it good, and I hate to burst their bubble, but I have it the best!

I have a beautiful wife. One who is very selfless, hard working, faithful, smart, creative, and talented in so many ways. She also gave birth to beautiful babies, and taught them to be faithful to the Lord. Because of her, I have incredible children (I’ve mashed them together so they can have fun looking for their own traits).

My children are very smart and faithful servants of the Lord. They are artists, scientists, students, authors, editors, teachers and hopefully soon to be tremendous mothers and fathers (Yes, that is is hint to some!) They are creative and talented artistically and musically. They are great teachers of the gospel. They speak several languages and some even excel in our own. 🙂   They are all great in one sport or another (at least to me!), some playing varsity sports and some being part of such legendary teams memorials have been built to them. Although one was born in a far away land, he makes me as proud as if I were his actual father. Among them are some of the most generous people I know, and some great entrepreneurs in the making. Don’t even get me started on their video game skills!

One last thing – even in this day where Obama is destroying our economy none have had to turn to government teats. For that I’m truly grateful.

I am not worthy, but I hope I played a small part in inspiring them and providing a climate for them to excel. I am just grateful that I can brag about them. It makes me happy.

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