2 Responses to It’s just a choice???

  1. tiffani says:

    good posts today. thanks for the updates.
    by the way, have you seen the History Channel’s Bible series at all?

    • The Dad says:

      I am watching the first 2 parts today. It’s interesting what parts people put in and leave out. What details to leave in, and ignore. The Bible is so long and has so many stories, you could have months or years of 2 hour episodes trying to cover it all. Who would watch all of them?

      If your audience is the uninformed and you want to tease them and leave them wanting to know why something happened you treat it one way, if your audience is the believers you tell it another way to bolster their testimony. The 212 Mom was a little negative about Part 1, which I’m watching as I type, but think it has it’s place.