A little more supporting evidence

Those who know me know that I bash Progressives. I don’t go off too often, and usually I just dismiss their idiocy out of hand without much discussion. The problem I run into a lot is that people have to be taught history before they can understand the point that needs to be made. And they usually don’t have a long enough attention span to hear it.

For instance, if I tell you that abortion rights people are “anti-life” you might just roll your eyes and say “Sure, you are a 212 Dad, but you don’t have to over exaggerate all the time.” The problem is, I rarely exaggerate (unless it’s in obvious satire), because exaggeration really drives me nuts. I say what I mean.

The truth of the matter is, the abortion movement in this country (which is responsible for 10’s of millions of deaths – no exaggeration) was headed up my the Progressives. People who wanted to wipe out the Blacks as a race, kill the handicapped, sterilize the poor, etc. People like Margaret Sanger, George Bernard Shaw and Woodrow Wilson. (read End of Days or read here for more examples if you are too wimpy!)

These people inspired Hitler, they showed him the way he should go about eliminating the Jews. Progressives in the US and their Fabian Socialist cousins were in many was his role models.

Al Gore (who was already obviously in their camp) laid bare some of his belief in Eugenics the other day as he explained that Progressives have just evolved more than Conservatives. The implications are clear.

Anyway, read this article, or at least watch this video…

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2 Responses to A little more supporting evidence

  1. teamsuzuki says:

    For me, it’s hard to express what I believe. I don’t feel like I’m ignorant, but I do want to sound smart if I were to contradict what other people say.
    Also, as a disciple of Christ, how do I do it without calling names or putting other people down? Even after reading President Oak’s talk in the Ensign, I still don’t feel like I can adequately express tolerance and truth.

  2. The Dad says:

    To me, you just tell the truth. Like in my post. No name calling, just accurate descriptions. Calling a Socialist a Socialist isn’t name calling.
    Telling some people the truth might make them feel put down, but does that mean you can’t tell them the truth? A lot of the time it has more to do with tone than anything else.
    It’s also easy to misread someone’s tone in the written word. Especially when it’s in a very short form, like a text or a comment on a blog.
    There are certain things that people do in our society that are an abomination or a perversion. Usually it does no good to tell them that fact, but what do you do? You can’t endorse it. You shouldn’t have to tolerate it, especially when it infringes on your rights.
    They need to be called to repentance, for their own good. Perhaps that’s just when you have to rely on the Spirit to help you know what to say, or if you should just walk away. Some people will never listen. They have turned from the truth for good. You can never know if that’s the case, but God does. Ask for his inspiration.
    I believe that there are still Democrats out there who don’t really understand what their party stands for these days. They need to be shown evidence of the truth, or they will never believe it.